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Sexual relations are one of the important keys to a harmonious relationship, because most problems in a relationship are finally resolved when satisfied in bed, so it cannot be denied that sexual relations are something that can maintain your harmony with your partner. If your sexual performance starts to decline and can't satisfy your partner, that is the beginning of the problems that will occur, you will start to feel less confident because you can't satisfy your partner, and your partner can start looking for other satisfactions behind your back, and that is it. can trigger a rift between your relationship. Therefore it is important for you to improve your sexual performance.

Male Extra is the best solution for you to improve your overall sexual performance. This is a natural male enhancement supplement made from natural herbs that are very strong to increase erection strength and increase your ability to last longer in bed, Male Extra is formulated from the best natural ingredients so it is very safe and without side effects, works effectively to improve size and strength of erections and provide better quality orgasms. This formulation has been clinically tested and through very rigorous research and you will not find it in other products.

Since Male Extra was launched, more than 12 million pills have been sold and satisfied more than 320 thousand customers making Male Extra the top male enhancement pill on the market. Male Extra has very strong ingredients to increase erection and libido such as ellagic pomegranate and L-arginine that you will not find in other competing products. Lots of sexuality enhancement that you can get from this product. Male Extra really guarantees your satisfaction by providing a money back guarantee of up to 100 days, of course it's longer than other products because Male Extra is very confident that you will be satisfied with the improvements you get.

Be a real man by satisfying your partner every time you have sex, with an extra male you can get a big, strong, and long-lasting erection and of course with extraordinary sexual stamina to overwhelm your partner with your very high sexual desire. You will be increasingly seen as a real man in front of your partner and a harmonious relationship will always be maintained. Immediately improve your sexual performance before things get worse, never give up because Male Extra always provides a way for you to rise from a bad sexual performance.

Male Extra - How It Work?

Male Extra is specially formulated to increase erection size and strength with natural ingredients that are very powerful in enhancing overall sexual performance. The main key to weakening an erection is due to lack of blood flow in the penis, Male Extra works by increasing the nitric oxide levels in the blood to increase blood flow throughout the body including your penis, with stronger blood flow, the bigger and stronger the erection will be. will produce a stronger orgasm too, it will feel very pleasant for you with the sensation of spitting out extraordinary sperm.

In addition, the nutrients provided by Male Extra can increase the flow of oxygen in the blood which can make your sexual stamina even higher, not easily tired, and you can last longer during sexual intercourse, because duration is also very important for sexual satisfaction because most women do not. feel satisfaction with short intercourse, they need more time to get orgasm, so if you can last longer, you can guarantee your partner satisfaction.

Do not let your sexual abilities decrease and your partner complains more because they are never satisfied with your performance, from now on, improve your sexuality to restore your erection strength and overall sexual ability to surprise your partner, you will feel more confident in bed. and feel like a real man who can satisfy your partner. That way the harmony of your relationship with your partner will always be maintained.

Benefits From Male Extra

Improve Erection

Male Extra is designed to improve erections by increasing nitric oxide in the bloodstream so that blood flow to the penis increases and results in a bigger and stronger erection because the key to erection strength is blood flow, the stronger the blood flow, the stronger your erection will be.

Intense Orgasm

Orgasm is the peak of pleasure in sexual intercourse, because there is a tremendous pleasure that is felt at orgasm. With a stronger erection, you can also have an intense orgasm with more sperm being sprayed. It will be very comfortable and nice for you.

Increased Sexual Arousal

Sexual excitement is very much needed to make sexual relations more excited and feel more intimate and certainly increase the enjoyment of sex, because if you are less passionate, sexual relations will feel bland and you will not enjoy all the process.

Better Sexual Stamina

With higher sexual stamina, you will have a stronger endurance and feel less tired so you can last longer during sex and decide when you want to end it. That way you can guarantee the satisfaction of your partner to both feel a pleasant orgasm.

Increase Your Self Confidence

A decline in sexuality can lower your self-confidence, so don't let that happen. Improve your sexual performance with Male Extra and you will be more confident in front of your partner with the strength of the erections that you have and you have the confidence to be able to satisfy your partner during sex.

Male Extra Ingredients

male extra ingredients


Pomegranate is a natural and safe aphrodisiac that can increase male sexual arousal quickly. Pomegranate can also cause smooth blood flow because this fruit contains nitrate compounds. In addition, the stress level in the body also decreases slowly. consuming pomegranate for 4 weeks has improved sex quality. Erection gets better so that men will be more confident.

L-Arginine HCL

L-Arginine intake will produce nitrogen monoxide in the body which can dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow. As a result, the muscles will look more pumped when you train them in the gym. In addition, arginine also plays a role in restoring male sexual performance and can improve erectile dysfunction.


China is very well known for its herbal medicine. Various types of treatment were born there. One of the plants that are useful for treatment is cordyceps. Another clinical trial conducted by Hunan Medical University has shown that cordyceps is extraordinarily effective in relaxing the smooth muscles of the penis. As a result, it is easier for blood to enter and allows a man to be able to have an erection for some time.


Zinc is an essential mineral that is very important to help increase testosterone, because testosterone is very important to increase male libido, Male Extra meets the needs of zinc for your body so that sexual arousal increases and the function of your sexual organs can work properly.


Niacin is known to help the body process fat and lower cholesterol. Like statins, which can also treat erectile dysfunction, niacin will increase blood circulation throughout the body by dilating the arteries. The smoother the blood flow to the penis, the more tense the erection will be. Men who received niacin said they were better able to maintain an erection during sexual intercourse after routinely consuming niacin for 12 weeks.

MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane)

(MSM) comes from the organic Sulfur family. Methylsulfonylmethane is a sulfur that can be found in fresh raw foods including fruits, vegetables and meat. MSM can also be made in the laboratory. MSM can be used to increase blood flow and provide a stronger erection to the penis and improve male sexual function.


This is an amino acid which functions to lower histamine. Histamine can cause you to ejaculate quickly or it is often called premature ejaculation, therefore lowering the histamine levels in the blood can make you last longer during sex and you can delay ejaculation until the time you want.

Male Extra Guarantee

male extra guarantee

Male Extra provides tangible results to improve your sexual performance, therefore to ensure your satisfaction, Male Extra provides a 100 day money back guarantee, that's a very long time compared to other products. After trying this great supplement, if you are not satisfied for any reason, all you have to do is return the empty Male Extra bottle that you have used along with the other unopened bottles if you buy a large quantity within 100 days of receiving your order, and you will receive your full refund.

So there is nothing to lose for you to prove the greatness of Male Extra. It is not expected that you return the product after the warranty period has ended because your warranty has expired and you will not receive any returns. This guarantee can apply if you buy at Male Extra Official Website.

User Experiences With Male Extra

male extra testimonials

Male Extra changes a lot of men's lives and saves their relationship with their partner. With the increase in erections that are getting bigger and stronger, men are more manly and confident to satisfy their partners. Male Extra customers expressed great satisfaction with their overall sexual enhancement in just a matter of weeks. You can read their reviews and find out what great improvements they experienced after consuming Male Extra. You can read the reviews by clicking the link below.
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How To Buy In Australia?

You can only get Male Extra at Male Extra Official Site because this product is not sold in other online stores such as GNC, Amazon, and others. You can order it directly at Male Extra Official Site and decide how much to buy, the more you buy, the bigger the discount you will get and there is a free Erections Gel bonus for purchasing a certain amount and of course free shipping costs to Australia.

And by purchasing at Male Extra Official Site, you can get a 100-day money back guarantee, so there's nothing to lose in trying. You can visit the Australia Male Extra Official Site by clicking on the link in the image below. You can pay using a Credit or Debit Card and other available payment methods.

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